FOAM is lightweight and easy to carry making it the perfect sidekick for a great day.

Durable & Practically Indestructible

Due to its cross-linked foam and rubber structure, FOAM has exceptionally high durability and superior impact absorption.

In fact, you can run it over with your car and it bounces back to shape. How's that for durability?

Thermal Insulation

FOAM uses advanced closed cell EVA foam insulation that keeps your contents chilled for events, outings, and short adventures.

Versatile & Space Efficient

Did you say it holds 30 cans? Why, yes we did. Or if you prefer long neck bottles; FOAM can hold 12,  including ice!

How about wine? FOAM coolers hold that as well. Whatever suits your fancy, we've got you covered!

Seatbelt Strap Strength 

FOAM uses a super-durable seatbelt material carry strap that will have you wondering why you ever bothered lugging around coolers with plastic handles or cheap uncomfortable straps that dig into your shoulders. It also features a one-handed buckle to keep the lid securely closed without hard-to-pull zippers that break or needs lubrication.

Buoyant & Fun!

Not only does FOAM float; the material is also 100% leakproof.


Since FOAM is made with 100% EVA foam it makes it one of the only coolers that is sustainable.