What is FOAM?

World's first hybrid soft-hard-sided cooler made from 100% EVA foam ( the same stuff as CROCS™ shoes ) which makes it naturally insulated, leakproof, flexible, lightweight, buoyant & durable.

Like a cooler, unlike any other cooler...

★★★★★ Top Rated

“WOW! This is rad! What a great product, FOAM is so cool (pun wasn’t intended, but now it is :) "

-Travis Rosbach,  Founder of Hydroflask

Our coolers won't break your back or your bank.

Portable & Lightweight

Buoyant & Fun!

Can your cooler do this?

FOAM is highly durable.

The perfect size.

22 qt capacity makes our cooler the perfect size for day trips

30 can capacity

12" x 12" x 12" exterior dimension.