What are FOAM Coolers?

Meet the world's first hybrid soft-hard-sided cooler made from 100% EVA foam (the same stuff as CROCS™ shoes) which makes it naturally insulated, leakproof, flexible, lightweight, buoyant & durable.
Like a cooler, unlike any other cooler. Built for fun.

“WOW! This is rad! What a great product, FOAM is so cool (pun wasn’t intended, but now it is :) "

-Travis Rosbach,  Founder of Hydroflask

Fall in love with foam.

FOAM follows the FUN.

FOAM puts the cool in coolers.

Our coolers won't break your back or your bank.

foam coolers won't weigh you down.

Portable & Lightweight

FOAM Coolers float!

Buoyant & Fun!

Durability has never looked so cool.

The lil' cooler with big strength.

The perfect size.

22 qt capacity makes our cooler the perfect size for day trips

30 can capacity

12" x 12" x 12" exterior dimension.