Hey there, fellow fun seeker! Thanks for visiting our brand. We hope you enjoy what you see just as much as we enjoyed creating it. Actually, that’s what I want to tell you all about – why this brand was created and how it came to be.

I’m David, father to two girls and husband to my wife Kristin. We have food allergies so we bring a cooler everywhere. There are three things that bothered me about coolers.

1. Why are the best coolers so heavy, big and expensive?

2. Why do coolers always break, rip or leak so easy?

3. Why would you need to keep ice for 10 days or need a bear-proof cooler?

There had to be another way…But, there wasn’t…at first. I've been designing and developing products for the last 15 years and have made products for some of the largest brands in the world including Coleman, Little Tikes, Eddie Bauer, and Adidas to name a few.  So I knew I could do better..  

My mind was made up. I was going to create something myself that not only made our life easier; but also was something that was fun to use. Thats how FOAM was born. We are so lucky our products get to tag along on the best days of your life. Thanks for the support!

*Patent Pending ( Utility & Design ) *Trademark

David Kittle - Founder, CEO

David's extensive background encompasses the design of products for globally recognized brands. He's designed and help bring to market thousands of ideas throughout his career from baby products to roller coasters and everything in between. His work has been featured in TIMES magazine "best inventions of 2019" as well as won several awards for his design work. Now, with FOAM, David embarks on a new chapter, channeling his expertise and vision into his own venture.

Chad Lee - Co-Founder, President

Having come up thru product development, Chad has been involved with the development and distribution of hundreds of products from many brands you would know including Coleman, Hallmark, Petmate, among others. More recently he has been responsible for representing companies and brands in their distribution to national retailers. The next big thing for him is stepping out and co-founding FOAM with David to design, develop, and distribute thoughtful, functional, and joyful products for everyone!